I’ll see you in hell, Pachelbel!

chigaimasu-48.jpgAnyway, so while waiting for Dragonaut episode 14 to come out so that I can put out a review, I figured I do a small post just for fun.

For those of you who have seen the video before, yes, I am talking about the Rob Paravonian rant about Pachelbel’s Canon in D, if you haven’t, please check it out before we start.

Having heard it a long time ago, I found Paravonian’s rant very interesting. I began to ask, so had Pachelbel infilitrated the anime world? Of course the classical amalgamation of Pachelbel’s work had seen some anime screentime already, with the most immediate examples being Evangelion and Kanon. But perhaps the Japanese hadn’t incorporated it into popular music yet…

Well, that was what I thought until a couple of days ago. As I usually do, I was listening to music while I cook, when all of a sudden Tears Infection (the Myself;Yourself OP) began to play. While I was rocking out to it, I started to realize something in the chorus. I played it back and found out that I was right! Before I give anything away, I’ll let you take a listen to the song. Maybe you guys can hear what I heard also.

Here’s a Hint: Pay attention to the bass guitar. If you want to see the whole song, check out the PV here.

Ok, Time’s up. Did you get it? The bass guitar is playing the cello part of Pachelbel’s Canon during the chorus. So Pachelbel has hit Japanese popular music. Interesting. With that said, I’ll be on the watch for more Pachelbel’s Canon in my OPs, EDs, and insert songs. Perhaps you may even see a follow up article in the future. I’d love to hear if you guys out there know of any Canon infused songs from anime. Well, that’s it from me for now. Catch you later.

– chigaimasu



5 Responses to I’ll see you in hell, Pachelbel!

  1. nanotone says:

    Begin rant…

    Pachelbel’s canon has long been ingrained in the pop idiom [J-pop still takes many cues from “Western” pop] as a progression with more than 3 chords; count them… 5 or in some variations even 6!

    Off the top of my head, from 2007 we have
    – Hayate OP2 end [during sponsor names] has the first 5 chords.
    – Hidamari OP chorus, first half, has the same bass line.
    – Lucky Star ED13 [ZARD’s 負けないで] chorus is all about Pachelbel.

    And I’m sure many more examples would surface, with some digging around.

  2. intro says:

    As far as classical bass progressions go, that canon has one of the simplest, while being one of the strongest. Your ability to pick up the bass line even though the melody on top is different is testament to that.

  3. Hung says:

    The second getbackers op has it too. That just one that I can recall off the top of my head.

    Pretty much all punk songs from the Green Day era use that riff though. I’m sure there’s a lot more anime songs that use the progression as well.

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  5. lelangir says:

    The Russian national anthem has the same progression in its B section, I think.

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