Dual Review – Minami-ke



Plot Summary

whitehatazn-48.jpgchigaimasu-48.jpgMinami-ke is about the lives of the three Minami sisters, Haruka, Kana and Chiaki, who live in the same apartment by themselves. Haruka Minami is a high school student who also takes care of her younger sisters with the housework. Kana Minami is the sister that goes to junior high. Chiaki Minami is the youngest sister and attends elementary school.



whitehatazn-48.jpgkoneko-chan – Plot? There isn’t really one in Minami-ke. But having no real plot doesn’t hurt the show. Each episode contains about three or four distinct parts. While the parts remain separate, there usually is a running theme within an episode. Normally, the first part usually vaguely introduces the episode theme. Then, the theme will resonate throughout the episode usually reaching the theme’s joke during the last part of the episode. This general stucture works well with the character jokes, but this can get somewhat repetative. The plot as a whole runs very episodically with few major connections to previous episodes. While the viewer can easily step into any episode, there is still a bit of character growth and viewers will gain a better attachment to the characters when seen in the proper episode order.

chigaimasu-48.jpgchigaimasu – You never stop laughing throughout. It’s not a particularly deep anime, but it doesn’t really need to be. Considerably well written given it is a slice of life comedy. There’s enough connection between episodes to make a full-bodied story and not a random collection of short stories, but the viewer is never dependent on any one episode for information. The result is a light, enjoyable anime that you can pick up from any point. The only thing that disappointed me was the abrupt ending, because after watching it, you may get the feeling that you don’t want it to end. But I guess that’s what Okawari will be for…


Haruka-neesama… Arguably the most beloved Minami-ke character from the anime blogosphere. Interestingly, she is also arguably the least wacky in a show where craziness is what sold the series. Nonetheless, Haruka Banchou for Saimoe 2008! – koneko-chan


whitehatazn-48.jpgkoneko-chan – The primary vehicle for Minami-ke’s comedy is through its characters. The characters accomplish the comedic parts through the zany and wacky things they do. This kind of comedy places a greater emphasis on the character design which Minami-ke executes nicely. The characters are varied and they compliment each other well. While all the characters have their own zany moments, their actions are not too much that they become unrelatable. With a large emphasis placed on the character personalities, Minami-ke can be a bit predictable for some viewers but the jokes are still kept mostly new and fresh. Minami-ke solidly borders the line between zany comedy and relatable characters. Combined with some good voice acting, the characters in Minami-ke are what define the series.

chigaimasu-48.jpgchigaimasu – Perhaps what sells this anime the most has to be the characters. They are absolutely wonderful. There is something lovable about all of them. Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki complement each other unbelievably well. The men in this series are ridiculous enough to fit well with the comedy, but not so over the top that they come off as annoying. Everyone is peculiar in some way or another, but it all works. One thing that’s a little off about the characters is, though they are drawn well, the coloring is a little plain compared to some other current anime. No worries, since the ingenuity of the characters and the voice acting easily make up for it.

Production Value:

whitehatazn-48.jpgkoneko-chan – Minami-ke isn’t doing to downright win any awards for visual and animation eye candy. However, the show is still visually solid in its own right. One unique feature to this show is the use of a stylized close-up shot of a character. The technique often to add a bit of fake seriousness before leading onto a joke, a kind of production idea that adds a nice touch to the series. Animation is slightly above average, only being tapped into when the scene needs it. Sound and music are about average which neither helps nor hurts the series. Though the OP and ED can be quite catchy.

chigaimasu-48.jpg chigaimasu – If you’re looking for a visually stunning anime, you’ll have to look somewhere else. There’s nothing unbearably wrong visually with Minami-ke, but the colors look a little flat. I would argue that it goes well with the light-hearted nature of it, though. There is some background music, but if you’re like me, you’ll probably get too tangled up in the comedy to seriously think about it. Chihara, Inoue, and Satou do both the OP (Keikenchi Joushouchuu) and the ED (Colorful Days). Keikenchi is an easy hook, especially with all of the backup parts, but the ED is respectable in its own right.


Doesn’t that scream sexayyy? No? Didn’t think so. But being over the top is what Hosaka-sempai does best. Just a piece of the crazy collection of characters (alliteration? kids, stay in school!) that complimented each other really well. – chigaimasu

Review Summary


whitehatazn-48.jpgThe Good – Solid comedy, Lovable personalities, Characters compliment each other nicely

The Bad – Can become predictable and repetitive for some

Overview8.5/10 – Minami-ke is a solid comedy series which is highlighted by its character personalities. Fans of school comedies should be able to watch this through. As for others, Minami-ke is light enough to watch one or two episodes in between episodes for more serious shows. Hopefully, Minami-ke Okawari doesn’t break the franchise’s momentum.


chigaimasu-48.jpg The Good – Absolutely hilarious, great character synergy, feel-good vibe

The Bad – Arguably flat in the color department.

Overview9/10 – A “must-see” for comedy lovers, but anime fans in general should at least give Minami-ke a look. The characters are individually eccentric in their own right, but come together and complement each other amazingly well. The comedy is well written, and stays fresh throughout the entire series, unlike other anime that lose steam near the end. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by this one. Definitely looking forward the Okawari.


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