Torture to an Anime Fan’s Soul – Out burying my laptop hard drive…


And we gots fire! Although, it wasn’t as spectacular as previous years…

whitehatazn-48.jpgSaturday was kinda of a crappy day for me. The hard drive to my laptop died and with it went gigabytes of anime happiness. Although this time, I wasn’t caught completely out of the blue on this one. I pretty much knew that my laptop was gonna crap out at some point and I luckily had enough of foresight to setup the network hard drive and prepared disk images from the original university setup. Since the laptop soon needed a refresh, replacing the beat up old hard drive with a new one revived my 3yr old lappy. However it was still a pain in the ass to re-setup everything and I still lost fair bit amount of stuff that I won’t get back (several projects, some of the newer blog stuff and a few rare files).

The somewhat good thing that resulted from this mess is something I rarely do nowadays. I opened up and read a book as I waited until the re-imaging finished. Considering that I am a computer engineering graduate, it’s times like these where I realized how dependent I am on computer technology for all my anime, news and communication. Interestingly enough, at least the book was anime related. I finally opened up Susan J. Napier’s Anime: from Akira to Howl’s Moving Castle. I actually felt kinda bad that I haven’t read much at all since graduating from college (last May). Hopefully I can get back to more reading.

I hope to recover a few things related to the blog and be at regular speed soon.

– koneko-chan


5 Responses to Torture to an Anime Fan’s Soul – Out burying my laptop hard drive…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Once upon a time it was suggested that books would soon become obsolete, that we would soon have no need for libraries and all written words would find their readers via a virtual web of wireless and display screens. And what has become of your technology now? Where will you find the stories of your ancestors now that your beloved internet is frazzled into inexistense, certainly not their blogs.

    The technology of the future that we were so ready to embrace is of no use to us now. There is only one way to keep our stories intact for future generations (God willing). We must return to the more elegant ways of our predecessors the tangible simplicity of pen and paper. Your word processors are of no use to you now and the floods of information once contained and organized in the internet are scattered and gone.

    I urge anyone reading this to hold on to books and to keep written records, even of the most mundane daily struggles. This is the most simple and tangible ways to keep our stories alive.

  2. Vertago says:

    I use my old books for my fireplace they burn a a lot better than old computers…

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    […]Torture to an Anime Fan’s Soul – Out burying my laptop hard drive… « Anime Academy[…]…

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