So don’t mess it up! – Bandai Visual USA, Shigofumi and True Tears


True Tears is licensed! Yay! Oh wait?… Bandai Visual?… aw crap…

whitehatazn-48.jpgToday, as initially reported by, Bandai Visual USA licensed Shigofumi and True Tears for region one DVD distribution. Both shows are 13 episodes and both are being currently being shown on TV in Japan. Bandai Visual USA are planning for a seven single DVD release schedule with one or two episodes per each disc for each series. The company also announced the release dates for the first DVD disc for both series which are scheduled for May. These release dates are approximately about two months from the Japanese release dates and about five months from the start of both series’ TV airings. The complete details of the licenses are in the press release.

Considering that I’m currently watching True Tears and bro (chigaimasu) is watching both, this announcement will definitely throw a wrench into our anime watching plans for this season. The price point and the number of DVD releases will be a pain but considering that I really like the True Tears, I may end up getting that at some point assuming if I can find it. I don’t know how many others will. Just do the math: Total $270 (1 one-episode DVD for $30 + 6 two-episode DVDs for $40 each) / 325 Total minutes = $0.83 / min. There is just no value for paying for the DVDs even if the release date for volume one is about two months from possible end of the show. Since I really like True Tears, I kinda wish more will see this show but that’s all out the window under this North American release scheme.

Considering that this is also the first release(s) that I am personally interested in from the company, I’m not feeling the love for Bandai Visual here. Yeah, the price and the number of volumes are annoying. Also, they are taking one of my favorite series from this season and completely cutting it off from any possible love from the mainstream. I just don’t get what Bandai Visual is doing. I know that they want to go after the hardcore fandom (like me) with near simultaneous releases. But their decisions on title selections and products seem really questionable and their corporate structure makes no sense (why don’t they just branch off of the well-established Bandai Entertainment as a separate label?). Considering that True Tears and Shigofumi (at least from what I hear from bro and sis) are solid shows from their first few episodes, if Bandai Visual messes this up, it will be so their bad.

At least this is something other than the ADV doom-and-gloom going around…


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