True Tears Office Pool

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


“Here’s 10 for horse number 4.”

whitehatazn-48.jpgGambling in the United States is a multi-billion dollar industry. It takes on many forms and shapes which can be both good or bad (many times it’s bad). One form is casual sports betting and one type of game in that form is a score table (or i think that’s what it’s called). Score tables have numbers on the top and the side ranging from 0-9. Score tables are used for a few people to guess the final result of a game. The better selects a few squares for a certain bet per square (usually agreed upon in the beginning) before the game beings. When the game is finished, the person who chose the winning square usually receives the total pot of everyone else’s losing bets. The winning square is usually defined as the last digits of the final score. For example, if the final score of a basketball game was 52-48, then the winner is the person who placed a bet on the square where winning team is 2 and the losing team is 8.

This game came to mind after watching the 7th episode of True Tears. After watching the 8th episode last night, it seems like a few combinations are tough to occur now. But considering that I watched Canvas 2, True Tears can still throw enough curve balls in the last few episodes to really mess things up. Plus, the character camps have gotten very distinct over the past few episodes and I’m very interested to see how the anime blogger world selects here. Being the casual gambler I am, I kinda wish opportunities to do this kind of fun post come more often.

Below is a table with a list of names on both the top and left. The top names (letters) represent the proposers and the left names (numbers) represent the accepters. Each square is a couple combination. Selecting A2 means that by the end of the series, Shinichiro and Hiromi will be together by Shinichiro proposing and Hiromi accepting.” Selecting any equal name matching square (A1, B2, C3, D4, E5, F6 and G7) means that the character will be with no one at the end of the series.

    A B C D E F G
1 Shinichirō
A1 B1 C1 D1 E1 F1 G1
2 Hiromi
A2 B2 C2 D2 E2 F2 G2
3 Noe
A3 B3 C3 D3 E3 F3 G3
4 Aiko
A4 B4 C4 D4 E4 F4 G4
5 Miyokichi
A5 B5 C5 D5 E5 F5 G5
6 Tomoyo
A6 B6 C6 D6 E6 F6 G6
7 Jun
A7 B7 C7 D7 E7 F7 G7

*Spoiler Alert!* Before going any further, if you haven’t seen the series yet, then chances are the following information will end up revealing a bit too much information. If you are watching the series, I’m going to make assumptions about the show after episode 8 so catch up if you are behind. If you really don’t care too much about the series yet you want to participate, then read one of the many blogs covering the series to catch up. I am not responsible (most of the time) to possible harming of your viewing experience. *Spoiler Alert!* Read the rest of this entry »


Quick Thoughts: A big boom with lots of stardust…

Sunday, February 24, 2008


That has overcompensation written all over it…

whitehatazn-48.jpgA few days ago, the United States Navy was able to shoot down a disabled satellite using a missile fired from naval destroyer off the coast of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. USS Lake Erie fired one re-programmed Standard Missile 3 normally used for ballistic missile defense towards the disabled satellite. The main target, the satellite’s near-full fuel tank of hydrazine, was assumed to be able to re-enter the earth in one piece and was deemed a health hazard if it landed in a populated area. The SM-3 made contact with the satellite and the resulting explosion is assumed to have destroyed most of the satellite including its fuel and tank. The resulting debris is expected to burn up upon re-entry to earth’s atmosphere and fall relatively harmlessly into the ocean.

So why am I talking about this? Well, part of it is because I’m an engineer along with my dad and bro so this kind of nerdy stuff really interests me. But a good most of it is because I work in this field and along with the satisfaction of being at least somewhat involved with a successful test of the system, I can appreciate the technical work involved into executing such a complex mission. However, I kinda wish that they didn’t have to shoot it down in the first place since almost all of it comes from the taxpayers’ dollars (including mine). Still, the office buzzing about more than normal last week was quite a nice change of pace. Read the rest of this entry »

Quick Thoughts: The death of HD DVD and the future Blu-Ray+anime love-child

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


“Eh!? Blue screen of death!? But this is the PS7 not that crappy xbox1440. And I was so close that save point in Final Fantasy XXII.”

whitehatazn-48.jpgSo one of the big news stories that came about from the past few days in the technology and business world is Toshiba’s decision to end production and development of HD DVD technology; effectively handing the trophy for next gen video disc format to Sony’s Blu-Ray Disc. There are tons of news articles on the topic over the past few weeks and I really don’t wanna go into why HD DVD is down for the count.

I will say a few things about a few items involving the recent developments involving high definition technologies. Personally, I really wanted HD DVD to go down. First, Blu-Ray is the superior technology in a number of ways and as a engineer, it would be disappointing that we don’t utilize the latest and greatest technology in this area. Second, and even more personal, I hate Microsoft. So anytime we can stick it to the them, its a good day (even if it really is to the greater expense to Toshiba).

So enough about the loser and more about possible winner… Blu-Ray has seemingly become the format of choice for high definition media and now that more and more companies are following their lead, anime companies seem to be following suit as well. Will we see more anime on Blu-Ray? Most likely. Will it take off like DVD did for over the VHS? Probably not. There are a few things to consider. Read the rest of this entry »

Lovable Imoutos; a Yukari Tamura complex? – Memorable voices defining seiyuu careers

Friday, February 15, 2008

Coming late to the party… I had this in the works about two days after the 15th episode of CLANNAD. But other blog stuff + work had put this down on my priorities list. Now that Stripey and Koji Oe put up their imouto-related posts, it’s time to revisit this post.



whitehatazn-48.jpgIn another wild episode of CLANNAD, episode 15 introduced a new character, Mei Sunohara, who is voiced by Yukari Tamura. Mei is just simply awesome (as proven by the amount of imouto love in the anime blogosphere after episode 16), but her screentime was short lived. Yet, the first thing that goes through my mind when she introduces herself at the end of the episode is that she should’ve followed up by saying “And this here is my friend, Yuuno-kun.” The somewhat unfortunate thing is that Yukari Tamura will always be remembered for voicing Nanoha Takamachi from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha no matter what she does with the remainder of her career. She has attempted to vary it up with other notable character roles such as Sakura Yoshino from Da Capo, Mai Kawasumi from Kanon and Rika Furude from Higurashi. However, one can still hear her signature Nanoha voice in almost all her character roles which is probably a very good thing to stake your seiyuu career on.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I wouldn’t mind if Ryou was my valentine. We both collectively fail at cooking anyway, something we have in common. But Kyou has won me over…

whitehatazn-48.jpgHappy Valentine’s Day from your lovable anime bloggers here at Anime Academy. On a personal note, today is probably going to be like any other day since I’m working. When you are working, you don’t tend to notice your loneliness unlike when you bum around college campus (which was a year ago for me). Anyway, to partially take a line from my cousin who runs the Anime Roundtable Podcast: “Today, enjoy anime with someone you love. Or, enjoy anime with a bottle of something you love.”

Now keeping with the assumed tradition of anime blogs on Valentine’s Day, here’s another picture of a 2-d girl to fawn (*cough*fap*cough*) over…


Random Thoughts – Soundtracks, Moe Bubbles, English Dub, Tears and Blushing

Sunday, February 10, 2008

whitehatazn-48.jpgI don’t have any major thing I want to talk about. I just have alot of little thoughts and opinions that have come to my head. And here they are…


ef – a tale of memories Original Soundtrack ~espressivo~

I got a chance to listen to it this week and it’s really good. I knew at the end of the show that I really wanted to get this one. And it definitely hasn’t disappointed. Although, this is not all of it (the second OST comes out in April). I’m actually planning to use a few of these songs when I re-master my parents’ wedding Betamax tape (yes… i said Betamax) to DVD.


Bandai, Rie Kugimiya and Obsessive-compulsive Moe Lover

After reading about this ANN article on Bandai’s new ∞ Puti Puti Petit Moe line of bubble-wrap-popping keychains, I was actually quite disturbed that people would actually buy this. I’ve seen my fair share of crazy, weird and/or messed-up items from Japan. This one ranks up there as one of the messed-up items I’ve seen. Which one would I buy? Hm… It’s just a matter of which line do I want to be rewarded with after two minutes or so of mindless touching (yes… mindless touching… it does sound that dirty). Considering that I have a younger sister, getting the imouto one will be a bit too creepy. Considering that I had a female childhood friend, the osananajimi version will be too depressing. I like tsunderes but I’ve heard my fair share of Rie Kugimiya tsundere voices and I kinda don’t want to hear another girl randomly yelling at me. Which leaves me with the maid version… where can I get myself one of these? Read the rest of this entry »

As American as Apple Pie – Super Tuesday: Anime Edition

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


She’s the perfect candidate. She has values, charisma and class. She beloved by every group. How can she not get… What? She’s a man!? Hm… I think we shouldn’t let the public know about that… What? Her husband is really a woman!? Well that explains everything…

whitehatazn-48.jpgI was watching College GameDay on ESPN last Saturday and they had an interesting segment relating to United States’ Tuesday Primaries. They decided to have a debate with the cast of commentators: Hubert Davis, Digger Phelps and Jay Bilas. They were going for the “college basketball president” and the students (the show was being broadcasted from UCLA at the time) voted on which “candidate” they liked. What made the segment interesting was the debate responses which while sounding pseudo-political, the responses were tied to some of the more interesting issues in college basketball and the NCAA. Some of the topics they handled included the possibility of expanding the NCAA tournament field to more than the current 65 spots, possible stipends for NCAA basketball scholarship players and possible changes to the charge rule. While fun, the segment was still informative and interesting.

That segment is the inspiration of this post. Originally, I had intended to take some anime characters and guess as to what they would each say if they were running for office. I decided against it for this post, but I might use that idea later (maybe when the national elections come up). I decided to imagine what my candidate will say if he/she ran for the office of “anime president.” Hopefully I can make this fun while being somewhat interesting.

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