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whitehatazn-48.jpgSo today I decided to spruce up the place. I got really sick of the original banner so I decided to put up a new one. This time with our unofficial mascot, Kotomi-chan. At the same time, I decided to change the theme to match the banner which messed up all of the blog’s images because of the smaller fixed-width (stupid free themes). After purging all of the site’s images and re-uploading all of them, I’m actually happy with all the mindless work. The blog seems at least a bit cleaner and better themed. Yay making the most while being cheap.

I plan to add a few more things to this site soon. This blog seems to be coming together finally. So far my biggest issue is trying to get bro off his lazy college student butt and getting him out of his anime posting slump since the Pachelbel rant. So far the advice from Impz’s helpful collaborative blogging post isn’t helping as much because… BRO IS SUCH A COLLEGE BUM!

Oh, by the way… Thanks. To have gotten to this line means that you like us sooooo much that you were willing to spend two minutes of your time to read by far one of the most useless posts on an anime blog… or you were really really bored. I’m hoping for the first. Thanks anyway. Peace out…

– koneko-chan


4 Responses to Because we can! – Blog Updates

  1. Calawain says:

    Mmmmm one thing I might suggest is tweaking your tags on the sidebar a bit. They are pretty gigantic and span nearly one length of a page vertically, and horizontally they bleed off into the empty gray space on the right. I do approve of the Kotomi-chan banner, bonus points for the princess of moe.

  2. Impz says:

    Agreed, the tags are totally making the design look off. Minus point for no Tsuruya!

  3. icystorm says:

    I want my two minutes back =P

    Yeah, the tags do ruin the layout, but it still looks nice. And I love this comment font. Small fonts FTW.

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