Quick Thoughts: A big boom with lots of stardust…


That has overcompensation written all over it…

whitehatazn-48.jpgA few days ago, the United States Navy was able to shoot down a disabled satellite using a missile fired from naval destroyer off the coast of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. USS Lake Erie fired one re-programmed Standard Missile 3 normally used for ballistic missile defense towards the disabled satellite. The main target, the satellite’s near-full fuel tank of hydrazine, was assumed to be able to re-enter the earth in one piece and was deemed a health hazard if it landed in a populated area. The SM-3 made contact with the satellite and the resulting explosion is assumed to have destroyed most of the satellite including its fuel and tank. The resulting debris is expected to burn up upon re-entry to earth’s atmosphere and fall relatively harmlessly into the ocean.

So why am I talking about this? Well, part of it is because I’m an engineer along with my dad and bro so this kind of nerdy stuff really interests me. But a good most of it is because I work in this field and along with the satisfaction of being at least somewhat involved with a successful test of the system, I can appreciate the technical work involved into executing such a complex mission. However, I kinda wish that they didn’t have to shoot it down in the first place since almost all of it comes from the taxpayers’ dollars (including mine). Still, the office buzzing about more than normal last week was quite a nice change of pace.

So what does that have to do with anime? Very little. It actually has a number of things to do with Japan and it’s navy. Japan is an active partner to the United States on the ballistic missile defense and this seems really true with Japan’s interest in Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense. And that’s kinda expected since Japan and China are about as good friends with each other as Yankees and Red Sox fans would be as neighbors. Anyhow, until Japan figures out gundams and how mechs can intercept ballistic missiles, at least Japan seems to be all into ballistic missile defense.

Again, no pure anime reference with this post. There is one thing that is sorta anime related. I’m putting a shoutout here for some military anime particularly anime dealing with military technology. Interestingly, I can’t seem to recall any anime that specifically focuses on the navy. So with that, give me some suggestions of anime that have some kind of new military technology that is somewhat feasible. Because watching Gundam 00 where the gundams emit radar-jamming god flakes just isn’t as interesting for my nerdy side.


2 Responses to Quick Thoughts: A big boom with lots of stardust…

  1. Ravage says:

    Zipang would be a strong choice if you haven’t seen it yet, modern day navy technology with a twist(and free history lessons 😉 ), The ending still sucks badly though. 😦
    But if you’re interested in that genre, you’ve prolly seen it already.

  2. koneko-chan says:

    Interesting. After reading a bit more about it, sound like Zipang is something I need to watch. Then again, watching an anime about your work after dealing with it for 40hrs a week might drive you mad. But I’ll still take a look.

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