The Honeymoon is Over: The week in Anime (March 12-18, 2007)


You know it’s a tough week when this fella up here isn’t even in the top 3 for most emo for the week.

chigaimasu-48.jpgSo if you caught the first edition of this weekly, you would know that I had an idea of what I would be writing about this week. Well, was I ever wrong. With the way most of the anime I caught this week turned out, you would think that White Day didn’t exist in Japan. Anyway, let’s get this show on the road.

The obligatory turn south has begun!: Drama anime got their emo on this week as the final conflicts either were either hinted at (Clannad 21 and True Tears 11), or brought out into the open (H20 11). (As an aside, Tomoyo and Hiromi with glasses? I approve.) The notion underlying all of them is that their youth compounds the issue. It’s easy for me, a 21 year old mind you, to say sometimes first love doesn’t work out (Noe), or that eventually you’ve got to move on (Takuma), but that’s something their not going to grasp at their age. I did take a small bit of pleasure in Takuma’s distress, though. Not the whole, “everyone thinks I’m crazy because I thought I could see” bit, but the “you killed my mommy!” one. For 9 episodes, he’s adeptly instilled into the whole youth community that the past is the past, don’t let family feuds bleed from generation to generation for the wrong reason. Not so easy now, is it, big fella? Heh heh.


Not Kaede Fuyou crazy, but Nagisa’s got some issues with emo.

Let’s be adult about it: Speaking about adult perspective, who caught Shigofumi 10? Shigofumi is arguably the best anime of the season; it’s a close second in my book only to Clannad. Why? Because every episode delves into the human psyche in dark situations in a compelling way. This episode was no exception. I was almost moved to tears by the ending. But let me say this about the guy in that episode. I know it’s typically mature not to spread your problems over to others, but YOU HAVE FREAKING CANCER! Unless that’s a social issue in Japan that I don’t know about (and it if is, please let me know, I will apologize and rescind these statements immediately), what’s so hard about telling someone. Anyone. Hell, you could even tell some random joe on the street for all I care. I would at least have told my family and friends. And furthermore, If I knew I was going to die of an interminable cancer, I sure as hell wouldn’t spend it reflecting on my life and its worth/achievements, or at least spend all of it on that. I would go do something I’ve always wanted to do, like skydive. I’m not taking anything away from the episode, because it was absolutely excellent, but seriously.

Let’s rewrite everything! I caught Dragonaut 22 and 23 yesterday. For those of you still watching this, if there are any you left, probably share my sentiment that it’s a little late for revelations now. Oh, now you realize that that “is” your daughter, Sakaki. Oh, it takes Widow dying for you to realize you’re a douchebag, Kazuki. Nothing at this point is going to change my perception of you, and it if Dragonaut thinks that I’m going to respect them more as a result, they are certainly wrong. But, more importantly, why, oh god, why, did they bring back Machina and Akira? I was sad when they both died, but I was willing to accept that, and had figured that they had served their purpose in the plot. But now they’re back? It’s not immediately clear what purpose they are going to serve now, but if their re-emergence tarnishes my image of both of them, so help me god you are screwed when I review you, Dragonaut.

Machina Akira

They’re back… like zombies.. except one has ridiculous boobs.


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