Review – Kimikiss Pure Rouge

Since I was the only one following this anime, I’ll be reviewing this alone. This is my first time doing a review and I have to do it by myself? Darn it, I never win.

Kimikiss Pure Rouge


Plot Summary

tsukagi-48.jpg Kimikiss Pure Rouge goes through the lives of three childhood friends, Mao Mizusawa, Kouichi Sanada and Kazuki Aihara, as they help each other throughout their twists and turns of high school romance. It starts off with Mao returning from living in France for a few years. To both Kouichi and Kazuki’s surprise, Mao gained approval from Kouichi’s mother to stay with them since her parents remained overseas.


Plot: The plot is straightforward throughout the entire anime. As each episode passed by, you knew what was going on with the main characters. This doesn’t mean that the plot was bad though, the viewers were able to follow the story relatively easily. Kimikiss also had its comedic and dramatic moments with the addition of tension between episodes. It didn’t feel rushed at all and you were able to understand the relationships going on between characters as they were developing. What I enjoyed the most was how everything came together nicely at the end.


Mizusawa gave me the “Ok” to review this series. Now if only everyone else was so cheerful and nice like her. Mizusawa-sempai for Saimoe 2008!

Characters: The characters were all nicely done. Each character had their own distinct personality that you could relate to which held up throughout the series. They all added their own part into the story while keeping to the main plot and having the viewer entertained. Character design was also quite good as well as the seiyuu work. There were some times when it seemed like the tone of the seiyuu didn’t match the body gestures of their character or vice versa, but that could just be me.

Production Value: Kimikiss is quite amazing in terms on art design and animation in its own way. Even the background in some scenes look stunning. Though, sometimes, I couldn’t help but think they repeated some scenes as flashbacks too many times (like when Kouichi was sick). Well, visual itself might get your attention but the music isn’t that bad as well. The way the episode slowly moves into the ED at the end just adds a point in my book.


If you’re looking for a strong school committee member, Kuryuu is your girl. Though, if you break school regulations, she’ll send you flying.

Review Summary

The Good: Slice of life feel which makes it easier for you to relate to the characters more. Very catchy EDs.

The Bad: Use of old scenes a bit too much kind of shut me off but not a lot. After awhile, you can guess at what they were remembering.

Overview: 9.5/10 – I can’t give this a full 10 but it’s pretty close. Just a few problems here and there but the series is still amazing. If you’re fine with high school romance, then Kimikiss will suit your taste. The comedic scenes will also prevent you from being bored. Of course, the drama will keep you from thinking it’s another School Rumble.


9 Responses to Review – Kimikiss Pure Rouge

  1. Dart says:

    Not bad for a first review, sounds like something I would want to watch; having a good story line and some comedy keep up the good work Kame :3

  2. Nice review, sticking to a good, regulated structure (‘Plot / Characters / Production Value’ and so on) is a reliable plan. I liked the way the backgrounds were drawn in particular, although sometimes the animation looked to me as though it needed a bigger budget.

    Overall I wouldn’t say Kimikiss was 9.5 material for me, but it was a pleasant show, very gently paced and much lighter on the fanservice than a lot of visual novel adaptions, which is a good thing.

  3. n00bbu5t3r says:

    9.5? You must be a n00b to rate it so high. If you’ve actually played the game you will hate J.C. Staff.

    • chiz says:

      well it’s his first time to review an anime… well i think i’ll give it a 9.0

      though everybody said that the 24 eps was way too long for this anime… the development was so slow but we come to know the characters in this story… the ending was touching like some typical animes out there….

  4. kame-chan says:

    Dart: Thanks for the compliment.

    The Animanachronism: I might’ve rated it a bit too high for my tastes to be honest. Though, the backgrounds seemed really fitting in the anime to me. I liked how it wasn’t all fanservice as well. It would’ve shut me off if it was.

    n00bbu5t3r: I’m sorry for rating it so high but I reviewed kimikiss for the anime only, not the game or who it’s made from. If that does not please you, then sorry for making you upset.

  5. Anime says:

    I found your blog on google Great Info and great anime lovers. I just added you to my Google News Reader 🙂 Keep up the good work. Looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

  6. Hey, cool tips. I’ll buy a glass of beer to that person from that forum who told me to visit your blog 🙂

  7. Mcgyvoor says:

    pretty good. and decent quite slow at sometimes but i like the ending.. and the characters were likable.. good review

  8. says:…

    […]Review – Kimikiss Pure Rouge « Anime Academy[…]…

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