Random Anime Moments

Who would’ve known that I could use Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei as an anime moment.

tsukagi-48.jpgWhile school passes by and finals become right around the corner, I begin to notice random moments that I can compare to anime to. I know that some of you will be saying, “Of course, Silly. Some anime is realistic to a point.” or something like that but those moments shouldn’t be ignored! (well, that’s what I think) Since I’m on the topic, I might as well tell you my small anime moments.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – In Spanish class one day, my classmates were being annoying and obnoxious more than usual. For jokes, my teacher threatened that she would hang herself with a lanyard. She lifted up her lanyard above her head and someone jumped on her to prevent her from doing that. My teacher then yelled, “What would you do if I had died!?” I giggled to myself.

Lucky Star – Just the other day, I was walking with some of my friends to our next class. When we got down the stairs, one of them said, “Have you ever had the feeling that then you reach the bottom of the stairs, there’s one last step?” Everyone agreed and we talked about it for a good whole 2 minutes. Lucky Star always has those random conversations.

It’s not only me, but koneko-chan has had a Lucky Star moment at work once. When he was getting a snack from the vending machine, he asked himself the question, “Why are the chips always on the highest row when it’s the most fragile thing there?” We know that they’re also the lightest objects there but it was still a Lucky Star moment.

As you can tell, I didn’t have a lot of moments to tell about. I’m not observant everyday of the week that I’ll be able to compare every part of my life to anime. I still have school to go through first. Well, probably some of you could relate to koneko-chan and I about these random moments. If you can, then tell us about them. If you can’t, look around when your going to work, school, or whatever you do and see if you can find a moment. It’s not homework, it’s just fun observation.


3 Responses to Random Anime Moments

  1. Hynavian says:

    As for me,

    1) I have a sudden urge to have bread one day and I went to my local bread shop to purchase a bread that coincidentally, looks very much like Shana’s Melon Bread.

    2) Run! Sprint! Stretch! That’s the basic warm up procedure for my after school physical education lesson. Pretty much reminds me of the track scenes in Suzuka.

  2. iniksbane says:

    Well there was this time that I was walking home and suddenly invaders from outer space started attacking, so I ran until I found a secret shelter that happened to hold… oh wait.

    In all honesty an interesting post. I’ll have to think about that one. I haven’t really had anything just pop out at me lately.

  3. […] any other characters that I’ve missed or say something about my list. Like I said in my Random Anime Moments post, it’s just fun […]

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