Random Thoughts – a crunchy roll, a virtual girlfriend, a virtual oscar, etc…

“I’m back… muhahahahahahaha…”

whitehatazn-48.jpgHello everyone. I apologize for my rather lengthy disappearance from blogging. I once again blame this mostly on work (right now we’re understaffed on engineers so they basically tossed the entry-level engineer into the deep end and said “swim”). I’m actually quite happy that there was some content on this site while I was away especially since I’m not the only one pressed for time. UPenn is closing on their finals so bro (chigaimasu) is pretty swamped for the next few weeks. As for sis (kame-chan), I’ll explain her situation a bit later.

Instead of the usual multi-page long theses I tend to write here, I’m just going to blurt out the random thoughts in my head today. It’s not because I have nothing to say (there’s about 15+ drafts between all the writers sitting on the dashboard). I just don’t have the time this week to really analyze stuff like I normally do. So here’s the random bits of stuff floating about in my head today.

Crunchyrolls… mmm… tasty…

I did get the chance the past few weeks to take a look at Druaga on Crunchyroll. And while it was an easy-to-use service, I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be. Part of it is Druaga’s genre not as appealing to me and my slight bias against Gonzo in general. I just find Crunchyroll to be incomplete. There are only two corporate-driven shows out of the site’s vast library of illegitimate content. The site feels like a youtube site with a sprinkling of a free itunes site. Crunchyroll needs a few more partners to nullify this two-face vibe I’m feeling from the site. Outside of maybe watching Gonzo’s latest cliff jump, Crunchyroll just doesn’t have my attention.

Spring 2008 – Turning up the sakura blowers

I haven’t seen much in the Spring 2008 season yet (again blaming work and other commitments). Of the stuff I’ve picked up, one of these is Code Geass and I’ll agree with most of the anime blogosphere that the show is quite impressive. Outside of Geass, I’m really liking Vampire Knight which is a bit of a shock since I tend to not like this kind genre/atmosphere. But Yuuki, somehow by Hocchan’s solid voice acting or by her character design, is slowly working her way up my bishoujo rankings. I’ll get a better grasp of this season once I find some time to watch more stuff.

ai sp@ce – When your dakimakura isn’t enough…

Speaking of bishoujos, when I came across the ai sp@ce news article a few weeks ago, I just shook my head. As much as I like seeing the ladies of some of my favorite anime shows in a MMORPG, the premise of this game is really disturbing. Unless I’m misreading the various articles on this, allowing someone to “dress up” and “personalize” a virtual bishoujo girlfriend has me thinking that there are plenty of messed up people in this world (even more messed up than me). Don’t get me wrong. I think online anime character NPCs are a good idea. It’s just that this particular game has the misguided idea to pander to the current Japanese otaku fanbase. It would be cool if Kotonoha or Keade were summons and would attack enemies with their kitchen knives. Or how about Shana and Tomoyo as payable NPC mercenaries? Personally, I think a Kyou NPC mercenary with attack spells, a FFX-2 style black mage outfit and a mage’s book thrown like a boomerang would be excellent.

It’s a good post anytime I get to use a Kyou picture… Praying for KyotoAni to make a Magical Girl Lyrical Kyou spinoff…

Anime Blog Awards – “I just want to thank the Academy…”

The Anime Blog Awards finished the nomination stage recently. The registered bloggers can select a top blogger’s choice in all the categories. If you don’t have a blog, you can still vote on the people’s choice line in all the categories. The nomination results are also posted and I’m personally happy to receive 2 nominations for best team blog. As for the voting, I’m going to take my time on it like I did with the nomination process. I find myself torn between some really good blogs on a number of the categories. So I will once again defer my superdelegate (since I heard every little thing from the PA primary while going to work in the past few weeks) vote until the end.

“The Oddly Shaped Waltz”

As I already stated at the beginning of the post, sis (and possibly myself as well) should be soon quite busy outside from blogging on this site. The reason being is another big family event happening soon. It seems like every summer, one of the families (usually mine) creates a large event to get all of the extended family on the east coast to show up. Last year was my college graduation. This year, our lovable kame-chan will turn 16 and mom is all set to hold a traditional Filipino sweet 16. Mom is the kind of person who will go all out when focused on something, so she wants to “do it up big” with this party by setting up a cotillion dance as well. Mom hired a dance instructor and the first practice with the dance instructor occurred at our house last Sunday. After watching some of sis’ friends stumble about as they do the waltz, it actually reminded me how impressive the Yuuichi-Mai ballroom scene in Kanon 2006 was and one of my first posts on this blog. I mentioned all this because I can see how our blogging regularity will drop between sis and I in the next few months. Hopefully when sis and bro finish up this semester, we can put up more content on a regular basis.

Now that I think of it, I’m a little bit disappointed at KyotoAni for choosing the waltz. If they animated a more flashy dance like swing, it would’ve been more amazing.

Cooperative Blogging – “Cuz teamwork makes the dream work”

One of the things I love about anime blogging is the discussion formed by a post. Often times, I find good posts made better by the comments that follow. This is why I like cooperative multi-writer posts. Cooperative posts initiate discussion from the beginning which increases the likelihood for extended discussions through comments. I plan to start a few cooperative posts with some guest bloggers. In some ways, this will be something similar to what the Anime Blogger Collective does but different. I’m not planning to undermine the ABC which does rather excellent theme-based posts. My idea is focusing on a specific subject or set of specific questions. The result hopefully leads to multiple bloggers expressing their viewpoints on a topic in a centralized location. Right now, the details are a bit jumbled (along with all the other stuff in my head). For now, I have at least one idea which has a few interested people. Once we get one started, we’ll see where we go from there.


11 Responses to Random Thoughts – a crunchy roll, a virtual girlfriend, a virtual oscar, etc…

  1. Onlooker says:

    Give my regards to your sister, will ya? It’s great that your family is continuing the Filipino traditions. Being a first generation Fil-am, I’m highly interested in Filipino culture. Otherwise, I’m feeling the springtime swamping as well.. Oh finals, the bane of a students life. How we abhor thee……

    P.S. I blame Code Geass for taking away Gundam 00 from me……

  2. Hynavian says:

    Ah I can’t believe that it’s a collaboration between five companies. How are gamers going to interact with anime characters in the same space when the anime characters are from different worlds? -_-“

  3. koneko-chan says:

    Onlooker: “… continuing the Filipino traditions”, eh? Considering that I’m also a first generation Phil-am which knows very little of the Tagalog language, continuing traditions seems to be at a loss in my family and I’m a bit surprised to hear that.

    As for Filipino culture and traditions, I find the Filipino debut has very little core Filipino culture. It just has way too many Western European references (the ballroom setting, waltz dancing, etc.) to relate to core culture. The debut is a way for upper class (as well as working upper-middle class Phil-ams) to attain a sort of Aristocratic fantasy. I will say after watching alot of ABS-CBN’s TFC (the Filipino channel) recently, today’s Filipinos (on both sides of the Pacific) are still very much infatuated with the diva ideal which may be part of the reason why this tradition continues.

    Mom is more into this since she never had one when she was young. I am happy though that sis’ friends seem to have a good time with practice especially since there are a few who aren’t Filipino. I’m always happy when we can expand our culture to others.

    Hynavian: That is interesting especially since three companies a natural competitors in both industry and genre. I guess by combining worlds into one game, the companies can gain more exposure.

  4. Onlooker says:

    I guess your right about it not being a core part of the culture, but it still is a part of it nonetheless. But you could say the same applies for traditional and familial mannerisms. Many of them are based on a mix of Chinese, Malay, and European influences. I guess the unique thing about Filipino culture are the cultures that have influenced it as a whole. These different aspects have been synthesized and accepted into the Filipino consciousness in a variety of ways. As for my competency for Tagalog, it’s as good as my Spanish, bad and horribly unintelligible. At least I’m trying, right?

    As for ladies from anime being featured into MMORPGs, I demand a Kotonoha summon complete with backsaw and and insane laughter!

    P.S. Aren’t debuts celebrated on the 18th birthday?

    P.P.S. I STILL blame Code Geass for taking away Gundam 00 from me….

  5. koneko-chan says:

    I wouldn’t analyze the Filipino debut by itself. I’d probably try to put it in context with Filipino culture’s relations to non-Spanish European concepts. The Filipino debut is still very class-specific towards the elite and it by itself is just too small to really say anything about the culture. With that said, there are many other things (Roman Catholicism, family values, the history of international interactions, the dance and music/singing culture, etc.) which are on a wider spectrum and reveal more about our culture.

    As for the 18th bday thing, surprisingly I’ve been to more Filipino debuts where the girl is turning 16 than 18 (almost 3 to 1). Also, I can’t recall being at any 18th bday debut with a cotillion dance (they do the 18 roses and 18 candles but no cotillion court dance). Maybe us Phil-ams are doing it wrong. I think it’s a practicality thing. It’s hard enough gather enough of sis’ friends who would want to dance and come to weekly practices for 10 straight weeks when sis turns 16 in the summer between sophomore and junior year. Compare that to if we held it when she turned 18 where they are about to finish senior year during the practices. Knowing mom, she wants the complete debut package and (at least for us) a sweet 16 debut is just more practical.

  6. Countermand says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Countermand.

  7. […] have to blog was taken up by my ever-increasing work load and helping with (and paying for some of) my sister’s sweet 16. Now that at least sis’ sweet 16 is done, I’ll start getting back to blogging. […]

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