Manwhores, Art, and Japanese Practice: Summer Time and the Spring Anime Season

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The ladies by the pool and beach are an excellent indication of what season it is…


Ah… Three weeks removed from my 6th semester of college, I’m finally ready to put some things down on this site once again. There are some reviews (Spice and Wolf, Shigofumi, Hatenkou Yugi, True Tears, Clannad) still left on the draft table, and between the three of us, we’ll have to discuss whether or not any of those will be worth presenting at this point. But the winter season is so 7 weeks ago, right? So let’s put that aside and start talking about Spring 2008.

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A request from your fellow blogger: Worksafe Anime Wallpaper

Saturday, June 7, 2008

There are a ton of people at work with Aegis-related stuff in their cubicles. They’ll probably think that I’m on crack if I tell them that bubbles and foam can take down the USS Arleigh Burke. The one thing I don’t understand from that Geass episode is why they used so many DDGs in such a tight formation. You’d think Britannia would only need about a few in a loose formation with a backup group (especially since the Britannian DDGs look like USN’s DDG-1000 with the technology). Sigh. I guess the USN > the Britannian Navy when it comes to search and detect ASW technology.

whitehatazn-48.jpgOnce again, my work consumed most of my time these past few weeks as we scramble to get more testing done. And once again, work has taken time away from anime watching (let alone blogging). I’ve been so out of the loop with the spring season set (Geass R2 and Vampire Knight being the only two shows I’m following consistently). I can’t even remember where I left off from some of the older shows I was watching (with my myanimelist being outdated). With the summer season looming around the corner, hopefully I can get back to watching regularly.

Today, instead of the normal anime thesis post (I don’t have any anime technology designs in my head right now), I’m putting a callout for another “What is a good anime wallpaper?” discussion. In this case, I’m asking: “What is a good methodology for an anime wallpaper for your work computer?” I would like to have some anime wallpaper for my work laptop screen which is somewhat reflective of my anime fandom (I run dual screens with the company logo on my monitor screen). I don’t care for any mainstream anime wallpaper (Naruto, Bleach, Deathnote, etc.). I had put up wallpapers of sola and Clannad before. Read the rest of this entry »