Manwhores, Art, and Japanese Practice: Summer Time and the Spring Anime Season

The ladies by the pool and beach are an excellent indication of what season it is…


Ah… Three weeks removed from my 6th semester of college, I’m finally ready to put some things down on this site once again. There are some reviews (Spice and Wolf, Shigofumi, Hatenkou Yugi, True Tears, Clannad) still left on the draft table, and between the three of us, we’ll have to discuss whether or not any of those will be worth presenting at this point. But the winter season is so 7 weeks ago, right? So let’s put that aside and start talking about Spring 2008.

Jun Fukuyama, the “man-whore” seiyuu of 2008 (CG2: 9 Episodes In, Special A: 9 Episodes): It seems like everywhere you go, there Jun is. I won’t even talk about his roles in Vampire Knight of Macross Frontier because I’m not watching those anime this season, but with Spice and Wolf last season, and now CG2 and Special A this season, Fukuyama-san is aggressively cementing himself as one of the premier male seiyuu in the business right now. And why not: with the momentum from CG1 and the fan-favored Ghost Hound (still got to get to that), stock on Fukuyama is way up. I’m not going to compare his roles in the two anime, because peanut did it already, but lets talk about the anime. Special A is starting to nose dive. Take away the comedy, and the anime is nothing more than a 20 min exercise in dialogue between a guy who could possibly be getting some with a girl if she wasn’t so dense. But the comedy is very good, and maybe if Hikari gets the picture, this could still finish strong. Code Geass 2, well, I don’t really think what I say here will change very much: if you’re watching it now, you’ll still watch episode 10, and the obversion is also true. They weren’t kidding about this becoming a global affair. And that’s good, because it reduces the amount of time you spend in Lelouch’s head this season from last season by about 50%. This is a much bigger set of dominoes being set up. I can’t wait to see one fall.

Is what I currently think about Jun Fukuyama: you dirty, dirty seiyuu.

Interesting Art (Allison to Lillia: 9 Episodes, Kaiba: 7 Episodes, Soul Eater: Bits and pieces of the first 3 episodes): Artistically, I’m very intrigued by this season’s offerings. A to L and Kaiba both have an aged art-style look to themselves, especially Kaiba, which feels like it has come out of the 60s. There’s a hint of American animation in it, and I think the interplay between western and Japanese animation is very good. Nevertheless, I’m verily disgusted with the negativity Kaiba got through preview season. Get to episode 3. If you still don’ t think it’s very good then, then fine, make judgement, but don’t write it off just because it’s too “trippy” or the animation is not “pretty”. It is quite possibly the gem of the Spring season.

Peanut (kame) and I are still trying to figure out what that “thing” “Kaiba” is riding is.

On the other side of the spectrum, there’s Soul Eater. I was introduced to it by my buddy, and I haven’t really gotten through an episode of it yet, but artistically it looks very polished. The colors are vibrant, and from the bits I saw, the story doesn’t seem that bad either. I will definitely look to make a more concerted effort to check this out as the summer progresses.

Anime de Nihongo o renshuu shiteimasu!: And lastly, with the summer, Chigau gets 3 months with a bit more free time than usual. Furthermore, this summer will mark the first summer with basic comprehension of the Japanese language. Even though I killed both semesters of Japanese I took this year, I’m still deficient in one important facet: listening comprehension. Perhaps anime can fix that. The only problem: I don’t know where to start. So if any of you have any suggestions for an entry-level anime to watch RAW for comprehension, that would be super awesome. As long as it isn’t Moetan.

I, like Matsuri here, are trying to cross the language barrier. I would ike to say I’m further ahead than she is, since I already know “gray” is “haiiro no”

And with that, Chigau’s out for now. Drop me a comment, or, for those that or so inclined, I have a Twitter. I’ve found that Twitter works very well in the “mass communication of random, in the moment, trains of thought that may be meaningful for other people” department. Anyway, as I was saying, I’ve made one for the anime community here. Hoping that the viewers out there will subscribe, and perhaps we can use that site for spur of the moment discussion/random feedback.


3 Responses to Manwhores, Art, and Japanese Practice: Summer Time and the Spring Anime Season

  1. Mizuu says:

    For learning Japanese try “Ochaken” and “Bottle Fairies” – both are short series of kodomo Anime

  2. Asmadeus says:

    I didn’t like Kaiba because I dislike both the art and the style of the story. I like all the other shows you mention except Soul Eater.

  3. Kyjin says:

    Try “Chi’s Sweet Home”. Each episode is only 3 minutes long, and is very simple in its Japanese. “Cardcaptor Sakura” is also good for listening comprehension.

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