“Manga kids” – They keep covering the shelves

Well, this is a perfectly empty walkway toward manga books. That does not happen every day.

tsukagi-48.jpgSchool started for me again, Aniki is back in college, and Nii-chan is out at work. I haven’t been checking this blog over the summer due to my birthday. I’m quite amazed that the Kyonko post created by Nii-chan is still the first link set on Google when you ask for Kyonko. Anyway, I’ve explained enough of what’s been going on with this blog. I’ll finally start what I was going to talk about.

Just Monday morning, Nii-chan and I were talking about “Manga kids” when we were waiting for my bus to arrive. Almost everyone should know what a “manga kid” is. If not, here’s a vague explanation: a “manga kid” is one of those people who take out a manga and just reads it right in front of the shelves, like in Barnes&Noble. Coming back to you now? Everyone has a distinct hate to “manga kids” even though they like anime and manga just like the rest of us. Nii-chan was telling me that there was a podcast episode about “manga kids” but I forget what it was. Well, what should we do with them?

I bet everyone feels like they want to shove those “manga kids” asside so you can pick out your own manga, either to buy, read, or skim through, but even though you push them away, they always come back. Some of them even stay in the same place after you get your manga, as if they think it’s their particular spot. So, if shoving them away, or even asking them to move doesn’t keep them from coming back, what can? Personally, I enjoy shoving them away despite being annoyed by them but I don’t know if others do. So, tell me this, do you like shoving those “manga kids” away enough to keep them there or not?


3 Responses to “Manga kids” – They keep covering the shelves

  1. Physically buying manga over the counter rather than ordering online? How quaint.

    Last time (months and months ago) that I had occasion to pass by the manga aisle in a meatspace bookshop, it was completely empty.

  2. TheBigN says:

    As long as they move in order to allow me to get what I want, I have no problem with them. :3

  3. Maggie says:

    I blog too and I am crafting a little something comparable to this particular article, “Manga kids –
    They keep covering the shelves Anime Academy”.
    Would you care if perhaps Iutilize a number of of your own ideas?

    I appreciate it ,Millard

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