Cosplayers, cosplayers, and more cosplayers – My Saturday at NYAF

Yay for people paid to dress up. These Bandai Entertainment cosplayers gave out items while posing for pictures every minute!

tsukagi-48.jpg-chan already posted what his view of Saturday was so I don’t need to say much. We got on the ferry, walked to the Jacob Javits Center, received our badges and went in. The first thing you see in the dealer’s room is the Bandai Entertainment booth. There were quite a lot of people crowded there so we decided to pass it and walk around. Our first panel was the Anime Bloggers panel. I was so pumped because I was able to see Hinano!

After, we checked around the dealer’s room. The aisles seemed more organized than they were last year. In the 400-500 aisles were like the accessories and the 200-300 aisles were clothing. Of course, the 100 aisle and the back of the dealer’s room was the art section. Nii-chan and I split up at that time to see if we found anything we would like to buy. Though, I can’t buy anything unless I have his permission.

She was the only Clannad cosplayer I saw the entire Saturday. I saw her quite a few times so I just had to take a picture of her!

Since I was wandering around taking pictures of really good cosplays, we ended up not being able to get in to the Amano panel. We decided to head over to the Charity Auction which was funny and amusing. It was nice that people were able to get a decent price for all the rare items and the money was given as charity for children to get interested in art. I noticed that the dealer’s room was going to close soon so Nii-chan gave me money and sent me to buy what I wanted, which was the wall scroll of Code Geass and a mobile cleaner of Kusano from Sekirei (yes, my new cellphone has hook strap instead of him).

I left the Charity Auction early to head over for the Anime Match Game. All I can say was that there was an excessive amount of innuendo. The host said that it would be a PG-13 panel but you can’t really trust that statement. It was fun hearing the questions and the statements that the contestants and celebrities made. The host even made the reference about the otaku’s use of “talent“.

It took me awhile to find a place to put my Code Geass wall scroll, which makes 3 in my room. It’s huge width instead of height gave me some problems. Now, I just need to make room for the Gurren Lagann wall scroll that I’m eventually going to get!

The day was fairly amusing and I loved all the different type of cosplayers. Like Nii-chan said on his old post, NYAF 2008 seemed a bit less crowded than it did in 2007. I’m now planning to try and coplay as something for MangaNext 2008 but it has to something simple. Speaking of MangaNext, we ended up getting a paper in the dealer’s room stating AnimeNext moved from Secaucus to Somerset. To me, the Double Tree Hotel seems smaller but maybe they’ll merge some places like they did in Secaucus. But, I’m not really complaining since it’s around 10 minutes away from our house =).


4 Responses to Cosplayers, cosplayers, and more cosplayers – My Saturday at NYAF

  1. omo says:

    woo where were you sitting at the blog panel

  2. GARbej says:

    I saw the Kyou cosplayer everywhere too. Too bad the photos I took were poor quality due to my crappy camera.

  3. Mike says:

    It was nice meeting both of you at the panel, however brief it was! Look forward to the panel video and posts soon.

  4. kame-chan says:

    @ omo: Nii-chan and I were somewhere sitting in the middle cluster of chairs near the left middle aisle I suppose. Kind of hard to explain hehe.

    @ GARbej: The Kyou cosplayer was really well done and now you can see a picture that isn’t poor in quality =)

    @ Mike: It was nice meeting you as well! I felt small but I’m pretty short anyway.

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