A short but fun day – My Saturday at Zenkaikon

Zetsubou-shita! Itoshiki-sensei hung himself again. Though, he seemed happy that I wanted his picture.

At first, Nii-chan and I weren’t planning on going to Zenkaikon because I was having my Homecoming that night. We finally decided to go because we wanted to see how Zenkaikon changed from last year. We were quite amazed when we walked through the door.Unlike last year, there was a long line. Before it was only a line about 20-30+ people and we were on the top floor no where close to the stairs. This year, the line had to go down the stairs to the bottom floor and circle around some pillars. It took about 10 minutes to get from the bottom of the stairs to the top step. Nii-chan was disappointed that he didn’t add any new anime episodes on his iPod Touch because he would’ve had enough time to watch an episode in line.

When we finally went in, we sat down to remember how the whole place looked like while looking at the map. Our plan was to only go to Anime Karaoke and Anime Jeopardy, while checking out some things before leaving at 4:30. We went to see Karaoke because Nii-chan wanted me to sing something but there wasn’t any anime that I knew. According to him, the anime went up to a certain date.

Oh ho ho ho ho! I love Higurashi and seeing this Satoko cosplayer just made my day. Taking a picture of her was just as good as seeing someone playing Kujibiki Unbalanced in the Art Hallway.

We decided not to stay for the contest so we had to pass some time before going to eat lunch. The dealer’s room had more items referring to anime unlike last year (which had mostly sci-fi and games). It’s still crowded like crazy in there though. What I thought was funny was seeing a Nanoha Strikers iPod Nano cover and a Hiiragi Tsukasa plushie. Sadly, I didn’t buy any of them. After that, we decided to go to the Game Room and see what’s there. I ended up playing Rock Band with 3 other people and Nii-chan just watched. Our vocalist was amazing, getting at least 95% of the notes on Expert on every song he chose. I was alternating from lead guitar to drums, but had to sightread since I didn’t know any of the songs that the vocalist chose. I was able to get at least 94% notes on each of the songs so I was content, though it felt that the notes weren’t in-line with the music.

After lunch, we watched Kamikaze Girls until Anime Jeopardy started. Nii-chan saw only parts of it before when I already saw the whole thing. We left after we got to see the first head-butt to Momoko. Anime Jeopardy was crowded and was earlier than last year. The “All about Zenkaikon” subject was the same questions from before but the team that was there last year didn’t remember the answers, neither did Nii-chan and I. During the second round, there was a guy who rallied the “Video Game Trivia Revisited” all by himself. It was awesome. Amazingly, we got out earlier than 4:30 but we decided just to bolt out of there.


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