12 Anime Moments in 12 Days (Day 1) – January: Signs of Sinking Ship


Haha Nice boat… Oh wait… That was last year…


Motivated by my fellow anime blogger, I will try to participate in the 12 days blogging project with blogosphere. CCY has started the foundation for this year’s project as the twelve moments in anime. I’m new to this cooperative blogging and I personally will give it a concerted effort. I won’t guarantee anything (I still have another week of work before my planned vacation). Anyway, here’s my shot.

My approach to this project is look back at this year and focus on the mood of the anime world/bloggosphere. I’m not only going to look at events, but some reactions to gauge the spirit of the fandom. What I’ll actually do is to review ANN news articles, blog posts, and anime airing at the time to get a defining moment for each month of this year. I’ll start with January and work my way to December. Hopefully covering one month for each day. The posts will probably be relatively short (again, since I’m active participant of society by working) usually consisting of the moment, some of my thoughts and some other moments in the month.

With that said, I actually really excited about this. Here we go.

January 2008 – ADV springing a few leaks…

2008 opened with a number of news stories coming from ADV. Most of these were announcements of activities being cut or reduced. Reports include the cutting of Anime Network’s primary service, the end of Newtype USA era, the beginning of the (short lived) PiQ magazine and the transfer of a distributor in the UK. This was all fine until the titles started disappearing from the website at the end of the month. With the memory of the Geneon collapse fairly fresh in our minds, we all wondered if ADV would fall to a similar fate. Even if it wasn’t signs for a downfall, something was brewing over at ADV.

Actually, January would’ve been fairly dull had it not been for all the ADV news. Most of the blogosphere did the good ol’ “blog a whole lot of shows then start cutting them” with the beginning of the winter season. Looking back, it really took till the titles’ disappearance until people cared about the company’s well-being.

As a side note, it took me to around the 1850th page in animenano to find the start of 2008. After skimming through 200 pages or so until I reached February, I’m a bit sad that some of the bloggers I followed at the time no longer blog regularly. Thinking back on this blog, that was actually the time when we still did fairly regular series review posts.

Other January 2008 moments:

  • Bandai Visual USA got the first few licenses (True Tears and Shigofumi).
  • Fall 2007 season continuing – Kotomi arc ended and Fuuko still wouldn’t go away in Clannad. Kimikiss started hitting its stride despite being under most people’s radar.
  • Winter 2008 season starting – We all thought it sucked with a few potential gems. True Tears and Spice and Wolf entered the blogosphere’s radar.

6 Responses to 12 Anime Moments in 12 Days (Day 1) – January: Signs of Sinking Ship

  1. lolikitsune says:

    Winter 2008 season starting – We all thought it sucked with a few potential gems. True Tears and Spice and Wolf entered the blogosphere’s radar.

    I’m sure there was something else that aired in January… what was it… I can’t put my finger on it, but I seem to recall it being the best show of the year… O_o

  2. CCY says:

    An interesting take; I like the diversity everyone is taking in picking Twelve Somethings. This should be a good refresher on how much things have changed over a year – keep going!

    lolikitsune: ARIA the Origination? Unless it’s H2O. Yes, I remember liking that 😛

    Did anything ever come of BVUSA? I know they came under a lot of fire for their ridiculous price structure, but I did want to see sola and True Tears stateside…

  3. koneko-chan says:

    lolikitsune: I just remember going through the blog posts that most people thought the winter season had a poor start. True Tears and Spice and Wolf seemed to be ok enough not be in the initial season bashing.

    CCY: I went the “by month” path just so mine had some kind of structure. I did it this way since I don’t have all of it prepared right now. As for BVUSA, they got consumed into Bandai Entertainment (finally). I need to remember when tho.

  4. […] koneko-chan: ADV springing a few leaks… « Clannad 11 […]

  5. lolikitsune says:

    @CCY-senpai: right on the first one, darling.

    @koneko-chan: hahaha, I suppose that True Tears was really the crown of the season for the stream of non-Aria fans, which I hear is the “main”stream. 😛

  6. rockwell says:

    Excellent post. Hope to read much more good posts in the future.

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