12 Anime Moments in 12 Days (Day 2) – February: Harem Arms Race


Ah yes… the innocence of high school…

whitehatazn-48.jpgUnlike January, February had a few more stories and ideas. There’s actually enough events in this month that there seems to be a resounding theme. So what could it be? Well during this time, the anime bloggosphere seemed to talk about… bishoujo!?

February 2008 – Passion for the Bishoujo

The first of these came with the gaining popularity of the True Tears TV anime. After the fifth episode, followers of the series broke into two main base camps as one of the main characters (Hiromi) became quite the polarizing character. So much so that a fellow blogger asks why does the polarization happen. The other is the sudden fandom over the Clannad character Kyou after the 17th episode. During that episode, Kyou reveals her tsuntsun side in the hilarious scene of the school’s storage closet which turned into quite the bloggosphere firestorm.

I found these two stories fairly interesting; not because of its content but what did to the blogger community. Everyone gave some kind of opinion on the two events. Especially in the case for True Tears, someone would post a thought then someone will post a counter-thought and so on. This kind of reactionary blogging by involved bloggers creates some fairly good cooperative blogging (whether we knew it at the time or not).

Other February 2008 moments:

  • Wal-Mart gives the nod to Blu-ray. Soon after, Toshiba gives up on HD DVD which officially makes the end to the most recent disc media format war.
  • BVUSA nabs sola which at the time made BVUSA have to only licenses by this time.

4 Responses to 12 Anime Moments in 12 Days (Day 2) – February: Harem Arms Race

  1. miz says:

    I remember when I heard about Blu-ray winning the race as well.. >_<

  2. Setsukyie says:

    Kyou is already loved before episode 17.
    By me, at least ^_^

  3. Shirukii says:

    There was much love to be had for Kyou before that scene, but oh god did it ever help. I think I’m going to do watch it again, right now.

    However, that being said, I like the direction Clannad After is taking at the moment, less harem bs and actual character development and such.

  4. Excellent tips throughout that post, anime uses up a rediculous amount of of my own work-time.

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