12 Anime Moments in 12 Days (Day 4) – April: “I’d like to thank the Academy…”


Speaking as someone who develops new technology for military systems, this is one of those times where I wonder if technology has gone backwards…

whitehatazn-48.jpgOn a non-anime side note, both bro and I have been playing gpro alot recently. I just received another 5th place in the last race which makes it my third straight 5th place and my fifth in the last six races. Sigh. If anyone is interested in online formula racing, drop me a comment and join. I’d like to get a team started.

April 2008 – Anime Blog Awards

Something that actually began in March gained the spotlight early in April. What seemed to be dissatisfaction with nature of a certain blogger associated with awards turned out to be a well-played April fools prank which burned a few people. Even with the kidding aside, a number of questions still arose to the intent and format of the awards. The official end occurred June. Yet, the high-participation nomination period in April along the possible concerns is what most will remember of the first ever awards for anime blogs.

Aside from the hilarious prank, I actually had a good time following this. It was one of those events which was a completely new idea to all of us. Yes, there are items which may need to be reworked. But no one can fault anyone for the solid attempt at a new means to get the bloggers together. I found out about a few other blogs and I did my part to nominate a few of my favorite lesser-known blogs. I even received a few nomination nods. It’s good to time to look back before we look forward.

Other April 2008 moments:

  • The anime-mmorpg mesh of ai sp@ce begins development featuring characters from Shuffle!, Da Capo and Clannad which bridges the gap between the second life RPG’er with his/her otaku counterpart.
  • The Haruhi novels finally get licensed for North America. But it will take till the next April to release the first volume.
  • Bandai Entertainment picks up Gurren Lagann and Gundam 00.

4 Responses to 12 Anime Moments in 12 Days (Day 4) – April: “I’d like to thank the Academy…”

  1. Hinano says:

    Hehe I cover ai sp@ce on my other blog 😛 I hope you’ve gotten a chance to check it out now that it’s been available for a few months

  2. Manuel says:

    “If anyone is interested in online formula racing, drop me a comment and join. I’d like to get a team started”

    I just registered. Let#s see what it is like

  3. CCY says:

    Completely breezing past the topic (to which I say, hehehe aisp@ace, yay ABC April Fool’s Prank, and oh, right, the Haruhi novels!), do you play BATRacer?

    In terms of online formula racing simulations (hahaha), I prefer it, but I haven’t tried many others. This one just seemed like another simulator and not a game though, but you can prove me wrong. XD

  4. koneko-chan says:

    @ Hinano: Didn’t know that you covered ai sp@ce. I’ll take a looksee at some point.

    @ Manuel: I’ll remind myself to send you an email with my gpro name since that is my real name.

    @ CCY: I guess simulation best defines gpro. You don’t actually control anything during the race. The game simulates each lap of the race based on the defined race parameters. You can set things like your car setup, fuel/tire strategy and driver risk before the race. Then during the race, your setup (plus some luck) will define your race.

    I haven’t tried BATRacer, but I’ll take a look. The good thing about gpro is that it is season (about 2.5 months) and level based. Do good enough one season, then you move up one level next season. The hardest thing is trying to keep yourself out of debt. The racers which scored the most points in the first 6 races in my group have ran out of money to maintain their car and are not as good now.

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