12 Anime Moments in 12 Days (Day 5) – May: Addition by Subtraction

shigofumi-09-large-11Looks like Fumika and Chiaki’s trip stateside is delayed until further notice… Someone’s not happy… (points at self)


 I think it’s time for me to get involved in the Christmas Spirit.  Finished my last exam for the semester yesterday.  To follow up on the aside bro-ham brought up yesterday, I’d advise giving GPRO a shot, if you’re into management-type racing games.  Anyway, let’s get-a-crackin’.  

May 2008 – Bandai Namco JP liquidates Bandai Visual USA

In late May, Bandai Namco decided that it was finally time to consolidate its two American distribution companies: Bandai Entertainment and Bandai Visual by liquidating Bandai Visual.  As a result, the lives of three BVUSA licensed anime (sola, true tears, and Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed), were placed in jeopardy.  BandaiEnt has already re-established the license details for sola and true tears, and appear to be back on track, but there’s no offical word on the status of Shigofumi.

Though technically a negative story, because the move indicates an economic correction taken by Bandai Namco, the reception among the community was one of jubiliation.   BVUSA had been vilified among the anime consumers for it’s subpar quality at Japanese market prices.  Seeing the price point drop on sola and true tears made me happy, but I was a big fan of Shigofumi, and not hearing any news currently about it is a little upsetting.

Other May 2008 Storylines:

  • Copyright infringement, it’s not just for America: Japan cracks down on anime file sharing and takes 3 users on Japan’s Share program network, the first time on this network.
  • Bro-ham will probably get mad at me if I don’t bring this up: The U.S. Navy get’s involved in creating their own manga, titled CVN-71, in an attempt to promote approval of the first nuclear sub to be stationed in Japan.

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