12 Anime Moments in 12 Days (Day 8) – August: Now in 2-D!


Decisions, Decisions…


So I ended up not getting the present I had planned for kame because the stores I thought would have it didn’t.  Looks like I’ll have to use the internet to get Eternal Sonata.  Can anyone who’s played the game let me know if the Japanese voice track is available in Eternal Sonata?  Aya Hirano saying “Reberu Oppu!” adds to the appeal of the game.  Anyway, this will be my last contribution to the 12 moments collection.  Bro-ham will be back at the helm for September onward.  I’d like to wish everyone a happy holidays, and I’ll see you all in 2009.

August 2008 – Hinano Releases RenAi Blogger

The beginning of August saw the release of a dating sim that bloggers felt at home with.   Hinano’s RenAi Blogger game, is open to the blogging community.  Before Ex-Fansubber’s crash in Late November/Early December, blogonauts took their chance to win with fellow bloggers Jen, Natsuko, CJ, and Hinano herself.  

While the koneko and I here at AniAcad didn’t have the time to look at the game before the Ex-Fan’s crash (read: if someone can send Bro-ham or myself a link to the dl package, that would be awesome.), the response to the game was all positive.  Bloggers everywhere took a look and gave in their two cents, but it was all encouragement from the community.  Massive props to Hinano for the community building event.  

The other August 2008 story (Yep, singular.  What? It was a slow month… :

  • Who Ya Got:  The Saimoe 2008 Preliminaries ended, the Main Bracket was put together, and the show got started.  For the second year in a row, Maria from Hayate got jobbed, getting ousted by Rena from Higurashi in round 1.

5 Responses to 12 Anime Moments in 12 Days (Day 8) – August: Now in 2-D!

  1. Hinano says:

    I think 11~15% suki (moyism) still has the game link on his blog. I’m considering doing a post on the new blog for all the people who missed it the first time around. 🙂 Thanks for mentioning it XD

  2. miz says:

    Wow.. this is a game I still have on my desktop.. need to finish playing it…. but definitely a reminder… Interesting..

  3. ETERNAL says:

    Haha, I remember RenAi blogger…sadly, I played it before joining the blogosphere and the only characters I recognized were Hinano and Impz XD

  4. […] ok so I know a few of you grumbled about how since the old site’s gone RenAi Blogger was forgotten and/or you […]

  5. John Wade says:

    interesting… I’m gonna take a look..

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