12 Anime Moments in 12 Days (Day 9) – September: Stranger than Fiction


“First Kurt, then Tupac, and now the meter room…” 100 points so the person who can give me the reference.

whitehatazn-48.jpgSince bro just wanted to do a few and now that I’m officially on (paid) vacation (yay for the salary system), I’m going to take over for the rest of these posts. I noticed something odd when I was doing the research for this. It turns out that page 500 of the animenano aggregator doesn’t seem to work no matter what is on the page. After going on vacation from my partial job of finding computer program bugs, you’d think I’d able to avoid these.

September 2008 – Anime Blogger Panel at NYAF

In one of the panels in the New York Anime Festival included quite the interesting cast from the anime blogger world. jpmeyer, hinano and DS hosted the anime blogger panel. The panel itself included a fairly simple setup of a presentation and questions. But what attracted the attention of the bloggosphere is that a number of fairly notable anime bloggers were present. There was enough attention/hype that a fellow blogger recorded the event in high def.

Personally, I tried to find another article for September since we’ve already covered a Hinano-driven event already in the last month. But I didn’t really feel like talking about anything else and I might was well talk about the only significant moment in 2008 where both sis and I were present at. Looking back, there was a type of aura around the event to all those who follow the bloggosphere (since to everyone else in NYAF, we’re no Yoshitaka Amano). It was one of those one-of-a-kind events where most people there we’re just glad to be a part of in some fashion.

Other September 2008 moments:

  • ADV announces that they acquired Clannad after losing all their other Key titles to Funimation during the Sojitz transfer a few months ago.
  • Bandai Entertainment announces that they’ll release Sola and True Tears in box sets. The titles used to be in the procession of Bandai Visual USA before the liquidation of the entity.

One Response to 12 Anime Moments in 12 Days (Day 9) – September: Stranger than Fiction

  1. ETERNAL says:

    I saw the video of the event actually; my only complaint was that the guys from Diet didn’t get to interview everyone else ;P

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