A quick reflection on life and anime

Sunday, April 6, 2008

whitehatazn-48.jpgBeing a psuedo-student of Catholic theology back in college (I say psuedo-student because perusing a minor undergraduate concentration doesn’t make you a full student), one of courses I decided to take senior year was a course on “Death and Dying”. The course was taught by the theology department chair and he certainly expected plenty from us in the course. What I liked about the class was the comprehensive nature of the course content. We covered things like the psychology of the death and the study of death in a comparative religion aspect. And while we did end up covering death in a Christian context, it was the comprehensive nature of the course that kept me interested. It was one of the few courses outside my major where I still remember most of the concepts off the top of my head. Unfortunately, it was also during that semester where I learned the most about death outside of class. Read the rest of this entry »