The long overdue end of the road…

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hi all,

I guess this is it. I’ve decided after a year and some nine or so months to board up shop. The Anime Academy blog officially ends today.

I say it is well overdue. I haven’t written anything all this year and it’s well past the half. Now, I still have plenty of ideas. I just wasn’t expecting to be this busy this year. Between work and family obligations, I haven’t even found any consistent time to keep up with my anime watching and the anime community. I’d often start one or two series only to not finish them. Let alone constructing consistent and coherent thoughts worthy of the standards of this blog (i.e. high school essay level) has been quite difficult. Adding on the my intent to apply to grad school and to buy a house within the next year, I don’t really know how often I’ll keep the blogging up generally.

The co-founder (i.e. my brother) also has quite the obligation ahead of him. While he did graduate from his undergrad, he took on the daunting task of getting his PhD straight from undergrad. And though he is able to follow anime much better than me, he’s got the PhD qualifiers ahead of him and it is probably best not to commit too much time to this (especially it takes quite the push to get him to write in the first place).

Which leaves sis and though she does have college applications ahead of her, she’s the only one consistently following up on anime and is fresh with ideas. But since I wasn’t going to commit to this as much as I used to, I decided to close this down with the intent that she will design and manage her own blog from scratch. This way she has complete control over the theme, design and content without being tied into the pathway that this blog has gone through.

With all that said, you’ll probably won’t hear the last of me. I’ll most likely guest author on sis’ blog when she starts it. Also, I’m hoping to make a more academic ready paper based on some of the ideas from this blog. Hopefully, some journals and/or some academic conference would like listening to a paper on computer science and anime.

I’d like to end by thanking those who came around to this site. I am especially appreciative of those who not only read our work but discussed it with us through comments and emails. I’m personally glad that we made some affect in the anime blogger community. And while the blogging community has changed quite a bit from when this blog first started, it still has some of its well-thought discussion-ready flavor which continues to draw me today.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite sayings which probably best describes this blog. It originally ended the last volume of the Whole Earth Catalog and was brought to life through the words of Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement speech at Stanford. “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

Until we meet again, koneko-chan signing off.


Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Because wine and cheese Tomoyo is fine too… (Thanks to -kairi- for the awesome vector)

whitehatazn-48.jpgWhat started out as good idea with monthly news stories over the course of 12 days kinda fell by the wayside with dull end-of-year news articles and with tons of holiday cooking (Filipino style). Oh well…

Merry Christmas from your fellow bloggers here are Anime Academy.

12 Anime Moments in 12 Days (Day 9) – September: Stranger than Fiction

Monday, December 22, 2008


“First Kurt, then Tupac, and now the meter room…” 100 points so the person who can give me the reference.

whitehatazn-48.jpgSince bro just wanted to do a few and now that I’m officially on (paid) vacation (yay for the salary system), I’m going to take over for the rest of these posts. I noticed something odd when I was doing the research for this. It turns out that page 500 of the animenano aggregator doesn’t seem to work no matter what is on the page. After going on vacation from my partial job of finding computer program bugs, you’d think I’d able to avoid these.
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12 Anime Moments in 12 Days (Day 4) – April: “I’d like to thank the Academy…”

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Speaking as someone who develops new technology for military systems, this is one of those times where I wonder if technology has gone backwards…

whitehatazn-48.jpgOn a non-anime side note, both bro and I have been playing gpro alot recently. I just received another 5th place in the last race which makes it my third straight 5th place and my fifth in the last six races. Sigh. If anyone is interested in online formula racing, drop me a comment and join. I’d like to get a team started. Read the rest of this entry »

12 Anime Moments in 12 Days (Day 3) – March: Ponytails are fine too

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


As she commands her mecha armies from her voice-activated makeup compact…

whitehatazn-48.jpgMarch. Where to begin? A lot of stuff happened in March as anime was gearing up for both the spring television and convention seasons. But March also witnessed one of the oddest phenomenons (fetishes) to come out of anime fandom. Read the rest of this entry »

12 Anime Moments in 12 Days (Day 2) – February: Harem Arms Race

Monday, December 15, 2008


Ah yes… the innocence of high school…

whitehatazn-48.jpgUnlike January, February had a few more stories and ideas. There’s actually enough events in this month that there seems to be a resounding theme. So what could it be? Well during this time, the anime bloggosphere seemed to talk about… bishoujo!?

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12 Anime Moments in 12 Days (Day 1) – January: Signs of Sinking Ship

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Haha Nice boat… Oh wait… That was last year…


Motivated by my fellow anime blogger, I will try to participate in the 12 days blogging project with blogosphere. CCY has started the foundation for this year’s project as the twelve moments in anime. I’m new to this cooperative blogging and I personally will give it a concerted effort. I won’t guarantee anything (I still have another week of work before my planned vacation). Anyway, here’s my shot.

My approach to this project is look back at this year and focus on the mood of the anime world/bloggosphere. I’m not only going to look at events, but some reactions to gauge the spirit of the fandom. What I’ll actually do is to review ANN news articles, blog posts, and anime airing at the time to get a defining moment for each month of this year. I’ll start with January and work my way to December. Hopefully covering one month for each day. The posts will probably be relatively short (again, since I’m active participant of society by working) usually consisting of the moment, some of my thoughts and some other moments in the month.

With that said, I actually really excited about this. Here we go.

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